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How You Profit from a More Connected Practice


Rosemarie Nelson, MS,
MGMA Healthcare Consultant


Free webinar about how to boost your practice's profits on the cloud.


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Benefits of the cloud:

  • "I’m never away from my practice." – Cardiologist
  • "Our switch to a cloud-based system has already allowed us to cut costs." – Clinic Director
  • "The implementation process was very smooth."
    – Office Manager

Changing payment models, Medicare cuts and new code sets are creating problems for medical practices. Help ensure your practice's profitability in 2013 and beyond by watching this free webinar that details:

  • Healthcare technology best practices
  • Cost comparison of cloud vs. client-server solutions
  • How the cloud handles data security
  • How new regulations could disrupt old systems
  • Benefits of cloud computing and more…

About Your Speaker:

Rosemarie Nelson is an MGMA Principal Consultant with 30 years of experience helping practices improve operations, optimize technology and analyze processes.

Who Should Watch:

Providers, practice managers, billing managers, billers, IT managers, and anyone concerned with improving practice revenue or implementing medical technology.